2 x Black Heart iron on patch

2 x Black Heart iron on patch

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Add a little bit of love to your sweatshirt or tee with our black iron on heart patches!

 Iron-on patch instructions*:

1. Make sure your lovely new garment is wrinkle free.

2. Heat an iron to the correct setting for the garment.

3. Turn off the steam setting - never ever use steam with our patches!

4.Lay your garment on a heatproof surface.

5. Place the patch on the garment.

6. Cover it with a cotton cloth or a clean tea towel.

7. Iron the design through the cloth for about 90seconds and apply pressure at the same time.

8. Turn the garment inside out, cover with the cotton cloth or tea towel and iron the area on the reverse for about 30 seconds.

9. Remove cloth or tea towel and let the garment cool.

10. Repeat the process with your other lovely patches.

11. Voila! Enjoy your spangly new one-of-a-kind creation!

If your patch is not adhered properly, repeat above from step 6.

You can make your patch completely permanent by sewing a few stitches around the edge of the patch onto the garment! 

 *Never allow children to use a hot iron!