our story

Hello and welcome to Bailey&Free
 We are the feel good, laid back brand created to bring a little bit of sunshine to your life!
B&F is brought to you by Suzanne and Jen, we worked together for over ten years in fashion, both travelling the world, gaining experience in Design, Trend, Brand Creation and Buying. We learnt how big businesses make your clothes, and started to realise there must be a different way.
Then one hot night on work trip to the other side of the world, we sat in a small bar and over a few drinks our minds collided with ideas about how to create something different to mass fashion... and we decided it's now time to put our experience together to create Bailey & Free.
We love being inspired by things that make us smile, and we know that sometimes adding your own personal touch to your wardrobe can make a big difference, so we have created items that you can customise at home with our selection of iron on patches!
We want to be part of a change, through small independent businesses and artists supporting each other and striving to do what we can to look after our planet.
Our Brand can't promise to be 100% pure - we have a lot of learning to do - but we promise to be honest and strive to be the best we can.
Our concept is simple. To bring you lovely clothing, making deliberate decisions about who we work with, how we work & what materials we use. 
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